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The Rabbit Hole Scavenger Hunt Game

Interactive Design Project

Kind of Project

Interaction Design, Branding, Marketing and Advertising 


Adobe CC, Figma

Project Background

This is an individual project that I was given a specific target audience, young designers, and was supposed to tailor an interactive product experience that appeals to the target group. The direction I picked was Environmental Game, the idea was to point people to the cool things in the area, with a series of small, medium and large interactive deliverables.


Creative designers spend long hours on their projects, and occasionally they feel stuck. It is time to get out of the office, explore around, looking for inspirations or simply taking a break.


The Rabbit hole is a metaphor for something that transports someone into a wonderfully surreal state or situation, and so is the idea of the branding of this game. Vibrant colors, interesting visuals were used for a cohesive visual system cross-platform to create a unique and inspirational scavenger hunt experience.


Competitive analysis

Big City Hunt

It’s the biggest scavenger hunt application currently available. It focuses mostly on helping tourists explore new cities. Point of interests are mostly local landmarks.

Urban Adventure Quest

The game design was inspired by the Amazing Race. It combines the race and a 3-hour sightseeing tours of the city.



The game uses your phone’s GPS, camera and advanced image matching technology. It focuses on image matching of finding. User experience is narrowed down to photography.


Other mobile applications that are not scavenger hunt games, but provide guides to local cultural explorations.

Facebook Local: Information of nearby events, restaurants and attractions.

Culture Trip: Tips on exploring the world’s culture in an intriguing and exciting way.

Target Audience

Creative individuals who are interested in culture and art. Local and tourists who wants to explore a city in a deeper and dynamic way. Who wants to take a break from daily routines and get some adventurous inspirations.



Ideation Sketching




Hero Flow

LOGO develop-01_edited.png


A rabbit hole is a metaphor for something that transports someone into a wonderfully surreal state or situation. This explains the purpose of this game and brings some adventurous vibe. 

Mobile Application

Provides step by step instruction and GPS system that guides users through the game and record their trips. It also allows users to share their experiences on social media and leave reviews.

Game Interface

  • Games are sorted by themes and allow user to choose based on interest.

  • Once the game starts, the question pops up with a timer that reminds user of remaining time.

  • Access to camera allowed for interactive games.

  • Users can view current score, progress, location and proceed to next question.

the rabbit hole savernger hunt game.gif


Provides a platform to promote businesses featured in the scavenger hunts. Businesses can also provide deals to attract users to pick certain hunt themes. It also allows users to arrange group events and share their experiences.

Game Interface

  • Users can create groups and schedule group events.

  • Users can search groups  by name, location and interests.

  • Interactive map allows users to find hunts by location in an intuitive way. Zip code and city name search are also available..

  • Join new groups and invite friends to groups.

  • Video tutorial provides a walk-through introduction of the game.


Scavenger Hunt Kit

Includes a guide booklet with maps and hunt clues. A set of decoding tools,  such as special loupe, scytale and cryptex, are also included. New clues can be found when users reach a new destination from the game kiosks.


Additional touchpoints

Kiosks allow users to answer game questions and get more game clues. These machines are also linked to users phones and provide instant social media updates.



This project gave me the freedom to design a complete interactive experience that involves multiple devices. The challenges were not only how to create an interesting game that attracts the target audience, but also to create a cohesive experience that keeps users involved all the time.

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