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I'm Lili.

Who am I?

Curious like a child, rational like a scientist, creative like an artist, and dedicated like a mother. I grew up in a very traditional Chinese family, where as a kid, I needed to follow my parents’ orders in every important choices, including which career path to take. I knew from the depths of my heart, that I have a strong passion for design. Years later, I finally had the strength and courage to go back to school and pursue my dream. With all the obstacles I’ve overcame, I’ve become an adventurous designer with strong determination.

I spent quite a few years studying biology and working in the science and technology field. It turns out to become one of my major strength in my design career in analyzing problem, communicating with clients and creating solutions. I come from China and lived in the US for a long time. The mixture of eastern and western culture experience, as well as my love for travel gave me an open mind to culture, art, and create designs for people from various background. My two young kids gave me super power in life and work, to multitask, time manage. I also developed great patience thanks to them. After all, I always keep pushing myself, take challenges to try new tasks.

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